Monday, July 23, 2007

Abner Bignell

When lived

How related to Kieran
Great grandfather (father of Clarence Bignell) (pictured at right with his grandson Billy Heltne in 1960)

James Byrd Bignell and Bertha (Hill) Bignell

July 12, 1912, at home, near Arkansaw, Wis.

Farmer; laborer at Armours meat packing plant in South St. Paul, Minn.

g Married Juanita Ann Scott on Aug. 8, 1939, in Arkansaw Methodist Church, Arkansaw. They met in late 1930s in Alma while he and his brother Andy were working on a WPA project there; she was a waitress in a local cafe.

g Vivian Bignell (b. March 14, 1940, St. Benedicts Hospital, Durand, Wis.)
g Paul Abner Bignell (b. April 2, 1942, St. Benedicts Hospital)
g Kenneth James Bignell (b. Nov. 22, 1943, St. Benedicts Hospital)
g Shirley Ann Bignell (b. May 22, 1945, Arkansaw; now deceased)
g Clarence Edwin Bignell (b. Oct. 4, 1946, St. Benedicts Hospital).
g Thomas Daniel Bignell (b. Dec. 12, 1950, St. Benedicts Hospital)
g Steven John Bignell (b. Aug. 20, 1952, St. Benedicts Hospital)

Interesting facts
g Converted from Mormon to Methodist faith
g Voted Democrat in 1952 or 1956 election
g Additional photo of Abner
g Map of where Abner raised his family
g Slide show of Abner Bignell:

Jan. 12, 1963, Durand, Wis.

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