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Richard A. Bignell Sr.

When lived

How related to Kieran
Great-great-great uncle (brother of George Bignell Jr.) (In picture, circa 1890, Richard is second to left in first standing row)

George Bignell Sr. and Martha Rands (Bignell)

Feb. 14, 1843, in Simpson, or Newport-Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, England. Likely baptized on Feb. 22, 1843


Married Rhoda Ann Hoyt (b. Sept. 1847; daughter of a Gardner C. Hoyt and Delilah Baker (Hoyt); d. May 26, 1910; buried in Round Hill Cemetery (Pepin Co.), Wis.) on Jan. 1, 1872; Justice of the Peace James S. Lewis pronounced the marriage with Robert Bignal and Hans Morrison as witnesses

g Richard A. Bignell Jr. (b. Feb. 22, 1876; d. Aug. 16, 1896; buried in Round Hill Cemetery)
g Ralph Gardner Bignell (m. Mary Hite; their children include Garry Bignell; Ralph played a musical instrument in public performances in Porcupine area)
g Roy A. Bignell (b. 1882; for several years operated a grist mill in Porcupine; d. 1947; buried in Round Hill Cemetery)
g Rhoda Bignell (m. Clarence Wakefield; their children include Samuel Richard "Dick" Wakefield; memories of the woman – Norma – Samuel later would marry are available online)
g Roxy Bignell (m. Cox)
g Rodney A. Bignell
g Rose Bignell
g Raymond Albert Bignell (b. Sept. 22, 1884)
g Randall Arthur Bignell (b. April 8, 1888; d. 1959; buried in Round Hill Cemetery)
g Russell Arthur Bignell (b. Nov. 23, 1889, Frankfort Township, Pepin County, Wis.; m. Anna Reinhardt, who was born about 1892; their children include: Dorothy Bignell, b. 1919, m. a Byrne and d. prior to mid-2009; Glenn Gordon Bignell, b. Jan. 28, 1921, in Porcupine, m. Estella Catura on Jan. 28, 1948, and d. Aug. 3, 2009, in La Crosse, Wis.; Ruth Bignell, who m. an Anderson and was living in Santa Barbara, Calif., in mid 2009; Kenneth Bignell, who d. prior to mid-2009; an article in the Durand, Wis., Courier Wedge dated Oct. 27, 1921 states that: "(Carl W.) Thies was arrested upon a complaint of Russell Bignell. Thies was charged with assault with attempt to do great bodily harm."; Russell and his family moved from Porcupine to Durand in 1926 and started RA Bignell and Sons Company; the business' name changed to Durand Mill for Farmers to Durand Feed Store to Case Machinery and Farmers Machinery Company; Russell d. Feb. 16, 1955, St. Benedicts Hospital, Durand)

Interesting facts
g Richard filed a declaration of intent for citizenship in Pepin County at Durand. It states he was born in 1843; emigrated 1856 at port of Detroit, Mich.
g Information about family history of Richard's wife, Rhoda; they are from Cayuga County, N.Y.
g Richard's last name is spelled "Bignal" on his marriage certificate
g Another photo of Richard

March 14, 1915, in Wisconsin; buried in Round Hill Cemetery