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Robert Bignell

When lived

How related to Kieran
Great-great-great uncle (brother of George Bignell Jr.) (picture shows Robert and his immediate family)

George Bignell Sr. and Martha (Rands) Bignell

March 16, 1847, Newport-Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, England (gravestone says 1846)

Farmer in Frankfort Township, Pepin Co., Wis.

Married Didama (nickname "Diane") Place (b. 1859, daughter of Levi and Polly (Moorhouse) Place, d. 1931, buried in Round Hill Cemetery) on May 27, 1875, in Frankfort, Pepin County, Wis. James S. Lewis, a justice of the peace, gave the marriage vows with Joseph and Ann Hight (Robert’s older sister and her husband) as subscribing witnesses. Their marriage was registered on June 17, 1875.

g Cora W. Bignell (m. Carlton Roberts; moved to Alma, Washington; d. before 1930
g Lottie E. Bignell (b. March 12, 1879; d. Feb. 1, 1898; buried in Round Hill Cemtery)
g Nathan Arthur Bignell (b. Jan. 31, 1876, in Pepin County; m. Sadie Vaughn; they had two daughters, Fay and Zetta; living in Index, Washington state, in 1930 census)
g Otis Bignell (b. May 22, 1881; m. Mary b. abt 1886; among their children is Orlin Bignell b. about abt 1905; his World War I draft registration card shows he registered in Pepin County; Otis and Orlin Otis farmed in the Sunnybrook valley, Waterville Township, Pepin County; Orlin and his wife Mabel were friends with Lyle and Stalla Dahlgren and lived about a quarter mile from the school in Porcupine; Otis d. July 29, 1953, at 2:45 p.m. in Plum City, Wis., suiffered cerebral thrombosis about a week before dying of generalized arteriosclerosis, suffered from senility, attended by Dr. E.E. Steiger; buried July 30, 1953, in Porcupine Cemetery with PW. Goodrich, Durand, Wis., as funeral director)
g Chester Bignell (b. Feb. 2, 1885, Wisconsin; m. Iva Ann Hill; living in Porcupine area in 1930d. Sept. 26, 1962, Wis.; buried in Porcupine Cemetery, Pepin County, Wis.)
g Leoma Bignell (b. Jan. 21, 1887; nickname Dona; m. Guy Hill; living in Porcupine area in 1930; d. April 28, 1954)
g Daisey Melena Bignell (b. Feb. 28, 1889; m. Matt Hei; living in Porcupine area in 1930)
g Pearl D. Bignell (b. 1892; living in Plum City, Wis., in 1930; d.1957)
g Orba Bignell (b. 1901; m. Clarence Lauer; their children include Vainerd N. Lauer, b. abt. 1923, and Catheirne M. Lauer, b. abt. 1925; living in Porcupine area in 1930; Orba died when a gas cook stove blew up: when her apron caught on fire at a gas stove, she ran outside to get help from her husband. Once outside, her clothes blazed on fire, and she died. Years later, this story saved the life of her niece Stella Fannie Bignell, whose clothing also caught fire on a gas stove. Stella had immediately thought of running outside to stop the flames inside the house, thinking of the water pump just outside our door. Fortunately, she thought of Orba and laid down on the floor to roll herself up in the sandy rugs by the door. She suffered some burns but survived. Clarence then married Ethel Claflin and had two children, Bernetta Lauer and Leonard Lauer, who d. in 2012)

Interesting facts
g He often told stories about crossing the Atlantic Ocean from England to Canada. Among them: Whent here were storms at sea, he and other small boys were tied to the sail masts to keep them steady.
g Filed a Declaration of Intent for citizenship in Pepin County at Durand. It states he was born in 1847, emigrated in 1857 through Detroit, Mich.
g Lost an arm in a threshing machine accident
g The 1880 U.S. Census lists the following living in Robert's Frankfort Township household: Robert Bignell, 34 years old; Didama Bignell, 22; Nathan Bignell, 4; Cora Bignell, 2; Lotta E. Bignell, 1
g The 1900 U.S. Census lists the following living in Robert's Frankfort Township household: Robert Bignal, 54 years old; Didama Bignal, 41; Otis Bignal, 19; Chester Bignal, 15; Leonia Bignal, 13, Daisy Bignal, 11, Pearl Bignal, 7
g In 1913, Robert and family gave up farming and moved to new home where he resided until his death
g The 1920 U.S. Census lists Robert, Didama, Orb (sic) as residing in Pepin County
g The 1930 U.S. Census lists Robert and Didama living with their daughter Orba and her husband, Clarence, 28 years old, who have two children, Vainerd N. Lauer, 7 years old, and Catherine M. Lauer, 5 years old, in Frankfort Township
g Another picture of Robert Bignell
g Picture of Robert Bignell with siblings

Oct. 13, 1930, at his home in Wisconsin, of a paralytic stroke; daughter Pearl informed authorities of his death; funeral services were held Oct. 16, 1930,  at 2 p.m. with services conducted by Elder W.E. Shakespeare; buried in Round Hill Cemetery; his obituary ran in the Oct. 23, 1930 Durand Courier Wedge