Friday, July 6, 2007

Delcina Place (Bignell)

When lived

How related to Kieran
Great-great-great grandmother (wife of George Bignell Jr.)

Levi and Polly Moorhouse (Place); The 1880 U.S. Census say her father was born in Ohio and mother in New York, but the record for both is apparently incorrect

April 29, 1849, in Pennsylvania


Married George Bignell Jr. in 1867; they resided in Frankfort Township, Pepin County, Wis.

g George (died young)
g Sam (died young)
g Twin girls (died at birth)
g Jennie Elizabeth (b. Nov. 21, 1867 or Nov. 20, 1868; 1880 census lists her as "Eliza J."; she apparently is named after one of Delcina's sisters)
g Infant girl Bignell (b. 1868; d. 1869; buried in Round Hill Cemetery)
g Levi Bignell (b./d. 1869; buried in Round Hill Cemetery)
g James Byrd Bignell (b. June 25, 1870, Arkansaw, Wis.; d. Dec. 5, 1955, Arkansaw)
g Eli William Bignell (b. Jan. 4, 1874; m. Ella Jane Rodgers; d. Dec. 8, 1959, Pepin County)
g Oliver Albin Bignell (b. March 17, 1876)
g Rueben Raymond Bignell
g Buel Brion Bignell
g Lillian Martha Bignell
g R.D. Bignell (According to his birth certificate, his name is R D. Not Ardee, but I have seen both spellings used in referring to him; b. Oct. 19, 1885)

Interesting facts
g There is some confusion over the spelling of her name: some documents say "Delcina" while others say "Dulcina". The 1880 census lists it as "Delcinia". The 1850 census lists it as "Dulsena".
g Her husband's last name sometimes is spelled "Bignall" in records.

Jan. 18, 1926; buried in Round Hill Cemetery, Pepin Co., Wis.