Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Arkansaw, Wis.

Where located
The Bignell family is among the early pioneers to the area west of Arkansaw. Though “town life” centered around the now defunct Porcupine in 1800s, by the early 1900s Arkansaw took on that role.

g George Bignell Sr.
g George Bignell Jr.
g Delcina Place (Bignell)
g Edmund Bignell
g James Byrd Bignell
g Bertha Hill (Bignell)
g Oliver Albin Bignell
g Abner Bignell
g Juanita Ann Scott (Bignell)
g Mary Bignell (Stewart)
g Fred Bignell
g Georgina Bignell (Thompson)
g Andrew Bignell
g Sherman Bignell
g James Bignell Jr.
g Bert Bignell
g Clarence Edwin Bignell
g Darleen (NA) Bignell
g Robert Rands
g Elizabeth (UNK) Rands
g Ann Jane Rands (Richardson) (Chapin)
g Levi B. Place
g Polly (Moorehouse) Place
g Nancy Place

g Historic pictures of Arkansaw
g For a history of daily life in Arkansaw and the surrounding area from the mid 1910s through the Great Depression, see "Within the Triangle" by Lyle C. Dahlgren (published in 1993 by Altoona Printing Co., Altoona, Wis.). Note: The book focuses on nearby Porcupine and Columbia Heights.

Location of Arkansaw:

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