Wednesday, August 1, 2007

James Bignell Jr.

When lived

How related to Kieran
Great-great uncle (brother of Abner Bignell) (undated picture of James, his siblings and parents)

James Byrd Bignell and Bertha (Hill) Bignell

Oct. 5, 1915


g Married Genevieve Kralewski (daughter of Thomas Kralewski, possibly b. Nov. 29, 1895, d. Oct. 15, 1981, possibly married to Zulita, b. July 7, 1900, d. March 4, 1980)

g Charlotte Bignell
g James Bignell III (father of James Bignell IV)
g Florence Bignell (m. Robert Hoyt; their children include Rodney Hoyt, Boy Hoyt, Sheri Hoyt)
g Carl Bignell
g Harvey Bignell
g Royal Bignell
g Frank Bignell
g Gloria Bignell (graduated from Arkansaw High School in 1965; m. Richard Hoyt)
g Eli Bignell (b. 1874; m. Ella Rogers who was b. 1884; 1920 U.S. Census shows Eli and Ella living in Pepin County; they are buried in the Porcupine Cemetery, Pepin County, Wis.)
g Lorraine Bignell (b. Sept. 26, 1940; m. Carl Hoyt; second marriage to Art Dahl; children with Carl include Gerold Hoyt, who lived 1957-1966; d. April 10, 1989)

Interesting facts
g Carried an Arkansaw, Wis., address in Feb. 1960

Nov. 11, 1976