Friday, August 3, 2007

Clarence Edwin Bignell

When lived

How related to Kieran
Grandfather (father of Rob Bignell) (picture shows Clarence with wife Darleen and sons Chris, in arms, and Rob, circa 1975)

Abner Bignell and Juanita Ann (Scott) Bignell

Oct. 4, 1946, in St. Benedicts Hospital, Durand, Wis.

Laborer, farmer

g Married Darleen (maiden name hidden) on June 5, 1965, in Arkansaw Methodist Church, Arkansaw, Wis.

g Rob Bignell (b. Dec. 17, 1965, in Plum City, Wis.; m. Gretchen [maiden name hidden], on Aug. 29, 1992, Las Vegas, Nev.)
g Chris Bignell (b. Sept. 5, 1970, St. Benedicts Hospital in Durand; m. Susie [maiden name hidden] on Sept. , Downsville, Wis.)

Interesting facts
g Graduated from Arkansaw High School in May 1964
g Clarence is mentioned in the following published newspaper columns: School chairs not only ones in which we learn, Lessons in building a load/mow of hay, Planting values, character in the next generation, Feeling young and easy again, thanks to another man's vision, and Fenceposts provide not a wall but a guide to life
g Pictures of and documents involving Clarence:

g Map showing location of Clarence Bignell farm:

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