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Elizabeth Holton (Rands)

When lived

How related to Kieran
Great-great-great-great grandmother (mother of Martha Rands)


1795 in Godmanchester, Huntingdonshire, England


g Robert Rands (1796-1881) Nov. 25, 1816, in Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, England

(All born/baptized in Simpson, Buckinghamshire, England)
g Francis Litchfield (same name as Robert’s father; b. Feb. 23, 1817, m. Elizabeth Inwood on June 24, 1839; immigrated to Canada between 1843 and 1845; their children include: George Rands, c. 7 Jun 1840, in Simpson; John Rands c. April 25, 1841, in Simpson; William Rands, c. 31 Jul 1842 in Simpson; Edward Rands, b. abt 1843 in Hullett Twp., Huron, Ontario, Canada; Malina Rands, b. abt 1845 in HullettTwp., Huron,Ontario, Canada; Sarah Ann Rands, b. abt 1847-Hullett Twp.; William Rands, b. abt 1848, in Hullett Twp.; James Rands, b. abt 1850 in Hullett Twp.; Francis Rands, b. abt 1852 in Hullett Twp.; Josiah Rands, b. abt 1855 in Hullett Twp.; Francis d. 1885)
g Ann Rands (b. Jan. 17, 1819; m. Samuel Richardson; d. 1896)
g Martha Ann Rands (b. May 14, 1820, in Simpson; baptized June 10, 1821; m. George Bignell Sr. on June 24, 1839 in Simpson; d. June 30, 1897, in Turtle Lake, Wis.)
g Richard Rands (b. June 1, 1823, m. Ann Jane, who was born in England)
g James Rands (b. Nov. 13, 1825; missing in action April 6, 1862, Shiloh, Tenn.)
g George Rands (b. Aug. 19, 1827; buried Oct. 11, 1827 after dying as an infant)
g William Rands Sr. (b. July 29, 1829, in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, England; m. Anna Sparling 1850, daughter of Richard Sparling and Catherine Stark, in Huron, Ont.; she was born 1826 in Tipperary, Ireland, and died May 2, 1911 in Wessington Springs, S.D.; their children are George Edward Rands, b. May 27, 1852, in Hullett, Huron, Ont., m. Janet Anderson on Feb. 25, 1874, then m. Margaret Almira Sparling, d. Feb. 14, 1928, in Olds, Alb.; Isabella Rands, b. Oct. 12, 1853, in Hullett, Huron, Ont., m. William McCutcheon; William Rands Jr., b. May 12, 1855, at Hullett, Huron, Ont., m. Isabella Walker on April 2, 1884, d. March 11, 1928, in Huron, Ont.; Amelia Rands, b. May 7, 1857, at Hullett, Huron, Ont., m. Richard Champs on March 17, 1880, at Morris, Huron, Ont., d. Dec. 17, 1932, at Hemet, Riverside Co., Calif.; Edward Rands, b. 1858 at Hullett, Huron, Ont.., m. Netta, last name NA, d. in Columbus, Montana; John Rands, b. Oct. 1860, at Hullett, Huron, Ont., m. Arabella Armstrong, d. April 6, 1938; William Sr. d. Sept. 9, 1901 in Scotland, N.D.)
g Robert Rands (b. Dec. 18, 1831)
g John Rands (b. June 21, 1833 or May 30, 1835; m. Ellen McCourtie on March 23, 1863; m. Amelia Place on Sept. 17, 1865, in Pepin, Wis.; d. 1925)

Interesting facts

1862, apparently near Arkansaw, Wis. (but conflicting evidence indicates in Huron, Ontario, Canada)