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Francis Litchfield Rands

When lived

How related to Kieran
Great-great-great-great-great grandfather (father of Robert Rands)

James and Johanna (Litchfield) Rands

1756 in in village of Helmdon, England; baptized July 25, 1756, in Helmdon parish


g Ann Walker on Oct. 14, 1778, in Bradwell, Buckinghamshire, England. Francis resided in Newport Pagnell at the time of marriage while Ann resided in Bradwell parish. Francis Litchfield signed the certificate with a mark and Ann Walker with a signature. One of the witnesses was Susanna Healey, who signed with a signature; she may be a sister of Elizabeth Healey, who married Edward Rand in 1771. They took banns on Sept. 27, Oct. 4 and Oct. 11 of 1778, in Bradwell parish.

g Elizabeth Rands (christened/baptized Dec. 25, 1779, in Bradwell, Buckinghamshire)
g Ann Rands (christened/baptized April 15, 1781, in Bradwell, Buckinghamshire; speculation: d. 1801, buried April 30, 1801, in Simpson, Buckinghamshire)
g James Rands (christened/baptized Dec. 8, 1782, in Bradwell, Buckinghamshire)
g Francis Litchfield Rands (same name as father; christened/baptized Oct. 3, 1784, in Simpson; d. Dec. 1802; buried Dec. 10, 1802 in Simpson, Buckinghamshire)
g Martha Rands (christened/baptized July 23, 1786, in Simpson; NOTE: This is NOT the Martha who is a direct-line descendant)
g Phyllis (christened/baptized May 4, 1788, in Simpson, Buckinghamshire)
g Mary (christened/baptized July 24, 1791, in Simpson, Buckinghamshire)
g Johanna (christened/baptized April 19, 1793, in Simpson, Buckinghamshire; dies at 22; buried June 1, 1815)
g Richard (christened/baptized Sept. 14, 1794, in Simpson; m. Sarah, who was b. 1805; their children include: George, b. 1834, who m. Maria  who was b. 1832, their children include George L. Rands, b. 1858; Richard p. d. in Pepin, Wis.)
g Robert (christened/baptized Sept. 11, 1795, m. Elizabeth)
g Rebecca (christened/baptized May 12, 1799, in Simpson)
g Susannah (christened/baptized Aug. 30, 1801 in Simpson; m. George Stevens April 23/April 20/May 7, 1826 by banns in Simpson parish)

Interesting facts
g Has same name as nephew
g He is listed in parish records as “extraparochial,” meaning he was illiterate (specifically, he couldn’t write his name). His wife, Ann, apparently could, however.

Died June 14, 1845, in Simpson at 89 years of age. His death certificate (show above) states he died of "decay of nature". The death was witnessed by Sarah Cowley, who is on the 1841 census as living down the road from Thomas (grandson of Litchfield Rands, son of James) and Mary Rands and their children Susanna and Zilpha. There is also a Hannah Rands living with them. He was buried June 17, 1845, in Simpson, Buckinghamshire.

NOTE: Some information on this page courtesy of Karen Gardiner and Kim Pile

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