Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Christopher Rands

When lived
1753 to at least the late 1700s

How related to Kieran
Great-great-great-great-great-great uncle (brother of Francis Litchfield Rands)

James and Johannah Rands

Jan. 30, 1753, probably in Wicken parish, England


g Mary (last name unknown)

g Vincent Rands (christened/baptized Jan. 8, 1786, Simpson, Buckinghamshire, England)
g Sarah Rands (christened/baptized May 4, 1788, Simpson)
g James Rands (christened/baptized Nov. 14, 1790, Simpson)
g Phillis Rands (christened/baptized April 21, 1793, Simpson; m. John Collier by bans on Aug. 26/Sept. 2/Sept. 2, 1838 in Simpson; his name is speleld "Collyer" in parish records)
g Francis Litchfield Rands (christened/baptized Sept. 18, 1796, Simpson; speculation: m. Ann Perrey, of Simpson, by banns on Nov. 15, 1821 with Francis signing with a mark and Ann with a signature; their children include: Elenora Ann, baptized Dec. 24, 1824, in Simpson; Zipporah, baptized April 22, 1827, in Simpson; Eleanor Susan, baptized June 14, 1829, in Simpson; listed as "Litchfield Rands" in praish records and as a laborer residing in Simpson in 1824, 1827 and 1829 and as a farm laborer in 1877; he d. July 27, 1877, after two months of "natural decay"; his niece Mary Rands was present at the death; a copy of his death certificate appears at upper right)
g Harriet Rands (christened/baptized Nov. 3, 1799, Simpson)

Interesting facts
g Baptized Feb. 6, 1753, in Wicken parish, England; the church register noting this shows “1752” as the year because the church’s year ran from Lady day March 25 to March 24

Early to mid 1800s

NOTE: Some information on this page courtesy of Karen Gardiner and Kim Pile