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Vincent Rands

When lived

How related to Kieran
Great-great-great-great-great-great uncle (brother of Francis Litchfield Rands)

James and Johannah Rands

Jan. 20, 1747 (the church register noting this shows “1746” as the year because the church’s year ran from Lady day March 25 to March 24), probably in Wicken Parish, England

Yoeman farmer

g Sarah Rands (b. March 13, 1747, in Cosgrove, Northamptonshire, England) on May 27, 1776, in Cosgrove. She was a cousin of Vincent's father and daughter of Robert Rand, brother of Vincent's grandfather

g Robert (c. March 16, 1777, in Cosgrove)
g Martha (c. March 1, 1778, in Northamptonshire)
g Vincent (c. March 10, 1780, in Kislingbury, Northamptonshire)
g Vincent (same name as older brother; c. June 3, 1781, in Kislingbury)
g James (c. June 14, 1783, in Kislingbury)
g George (c. Oct. 23, 1785, in Kislingbury)
g Robert (same name as older brother; b. March 10, 1788, in Kislingbury; m. Mary Delafield, who was b. 1788, in England, on Dec. 13, 1810, in Northamptonshire, she d. Sept. 13, 1850; emigrated to the United States; worked as a shoemaker; their children include: Robert, b. 1811 in Northamptonshire; Vincent, b. 1812 in Northamptonshire, m. Jane Tuner on Jan. 29, 1846, in Falmouth, Ky., d. May 1, 1863, Jane was b. Jan. 29, 1822, in Falmouth, Ky., and d. 1907; Mary Delafield Rands, b. Sept. 24, 1814, in, Northamptonshire; Catherine, b. June 29, 1816; Sarah Delafield Rands, b. 1821 in Cincinnati, Ohio; and William Joseph Delafield Rands, b. 1824 in Cincinnati, Ohio; Robert Rands d. May 12, 1860, in U.S.)

Interesting facts
g Baptized Feb. 15, 1747, in Wicken Parish, England; the church register noting this shows “1746” as the year because the church’s year ran from Lady Day March 25 to March 24)
g After Vincent's death, Sarah married John Johnson on Aug. 8, 1799, in Kislingbury
g Some records spell Vincent and Sarah's name as "Raunds"

Sept. 7, 1787

NOTE: Information on this page courtesy of Karen Gardiner and Roy Rand