Monday, March 10, 2008

Overview of Scott Family Line

Following is the tree of direct-line “Scott” ancestors for Kieran Bignell:

Alexander Scott (great-great-great-great-grandfather)
(1812/15-at least 1870)
(m. Catherine)
(George A. Scott) (great-great-great-grandfather)
(m. Catherine Mary Baker)
(siblings: Oliver Scott, James Scott, Mary Scott, Amelia Scott, Minerva Scott, Eva Jane Scott)
James L. Scott (great-great-grandfather)
(Probably 1892-1971)
(m. Celia Hopkins)
(siblings: George Scott Jr., Emma Scott, Josephine Scott, William A. Scott, Clara Scott, Odelia Scott, Sadie Scott, Sarah Scott, Anita Scott, Adeline Scott)
Juanita Ann Scott (great-grandmother)
(m. Abner Bignell )
(siblings: James Scott, George Scott, William Scott, Fred Scott, Kathleen Scott, Alma Scott)
See BIGNELL family line

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