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George A. Scott

When lived

How related to Kieran
Great-great-great grandfather (father of James L. Scott)

Alexander Scott and Catherine (NA) (Scott)

May 21, 1867, in Beaver County, Pa.


g Catherine Mary Baker (b. June 15, 1870, in Mercer Co, Pa.; d. Dec. 11, 1936, in Nelson, Wis.) on Aug. 28, 1889, in Alma, Wis., by a justice of the peace; George lived in Nelson Township at the time; Catherine's name is given as "Cassie" on the marriage record.

g James L. Scott (b. about 1893; d. 1971)
g George Scott Jr. (b. about 1895; living in Pana, Ill., in 1936 and 1960)
g Emma Scott (b. about 1897; m. (NA) Roberts before 1936; living in Spokane, Wash., in 1936; d. before June 1960)
g Josephine Scott (b. about 1899; m. Jacob McQuiston, who d. April 1859; living in Nelson, Wis., in 1960; 1905 census lists name as "Mary J.")
g William A. Scott (b. 1903; middle name and one he went by apparently is Alfred; living in Taylorsville, Ill., in 1936 and 1960)
g Clara Scott (b. 1904; m. Gordon Hopf Sr.; living in Lynxville, Wis., in 1936, and in Alma in 1960)
g Odelia Scott (b. about 1907; m. Alfred Jamison; living in Durand, Wis., in 1936 and 1960)
g Sadie Scott (b. 1909; Sarah or Adeline below actually may be Sadie)
g Sarah Scott (m. Lyle Stewart by 1936; living in Iron Creek, Wis., in 1936 and in Red Wing, Minn., in 1960)
g Anita Scott (b. about 1912, living in Nelson, Wis., in 1936; in 1960, her whereabouts was not known to the Scott family, but she was believed to still be alive)
g Adeline Scott (d. before June 1960)

Interesting facts
g There is confusion over his middle name. His marriage certificate says it's "Alexander" (the U.S. Census seems to support this as it lists his middle initial as "A"; his obituary says it's "Washington," however.
g Living in North Sewickley, Beaver Co., Pa., in 1870, according to U.S. Census. The post office given is New Galilee. Also living in the household are: father Allexander Scott, age 55; Catharine Scott, 42; Mary E. Scott, 13; Amelia Scott, 11; Minerva Scott, 8; and Eva Jane Scott, 5; George is the youngest.
g By 1880, George had been adopted by Wesley and Mary Butler (Mary appears not to be his older sister, however) and was residing with them in Nelson, Buffalo Co., Wis. Why he was adopted or what happened to his parents is unknown. In the 1880 U.S. Census, those living in Wesley's household include: Wesley Butler (born in Pennsylvania; both parents were born in Pennsylvania, too) age 31 (1900 census gives his birthdate as July 1847, however, though the 1920 and 1930 censuses list it as 1849); Mary Butler, 29; Charles C. Butler, 5; Cora Butler, 3; Ira Butler, 5 months; George A. Scott, 13; Azan Hewitt, 22 (apparently the hired man). Wesley and Mary were married in 1871. In the 1990 census, Wesley's family had moved on to Southside, Wright Co., Minn. The 1910 census lists their residence as South Haven, Wright County. By 1920, he and Mary have moved to School District 8, Chouteau County, Montana, where they apparently reside with their son, Arthur. The 1930 census lists their home as Morefield, Chouteau County. Sometimes Wesley's name appears as "Betler" in records.
g The 1900 U.S. Census lists George as residing in Nelson Township, Buffalo County, Wis. Living in his household are: George W. Scott, age 33; Cathrine Scott, 26, James Scott, 7; George Scott, 5; Emma Scott, 3; Josephin Scott, 11/12 months.
g The 1905 Wisconsin Census lists George as residing in Alma, Buffalo County. Living in his houshold are: George Scott, age 38; Catherine Scott, 31; James C Scott, 12, George W Scott, 9; Emma C Scott, 8; Mary J. Scott, 6 (this presumably is Josephine; William A Scott, 2; Clara L Scott, 7 months.
g The 1910 U.S. Census lists George residing in Nelson, Buffalo County. Those living in his household include: George Scott, age 42; Catherine Scott, 35; James Scott, 17; George Scott, 15; Emma Scott, 12; Josephine Scott, 10; Alfred Scott, 7; Clara Scott, 5; Odelia Scott, 3; Sadie Scott, 8 months.
g The 1930 U.S. Census lists George as living in Nelson, Buffalo Co. Those in the household include: George W Scott, 65; Cathrine Scott, 58; Anita Scott, 18.
g Picture above shows him at his home in Alma in late 1950s.
g Pictures of and other documents related to George:

1960 (sometime after May 20 of that year) while at a rest home in Menomonie, Wis.; buried at the Nelson Cemetery (in Nelson, Wis.) on a Sunday afternoon after services were held at the Stohr chapel. Rev. L. McCormick conducted the services. H.F. Stohr brought the body from Menomonie to Nelson for the services. Pallbearers at the funeral were Fred Scott, Alfred Stewart, Douglas McQuiston, Arthur Jamison, Lyle Stewart Jr. and Gordon Hopf Jr.

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