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Guy Hill

When lived

How related to Kieran
Great-great-great–uncle (brother of Bertha Hill)

Thomas Hill Jr. and Anna Place

Dec. 4, 1882 (gravestone mistakenly says "1800")


Leoma Bignell (daughter of Richard and Didama Place Bignell; b. about 1887)

g Flossie Hill (m. Roy Kilgrean; d. with her first child)
g Elvina Hill
g Joe Hill (b. 1908; m. Pearl DeLong; their children include Donald Hill, who m. Betrice Brunett; Joe d. 1971; some records give Joe;s name as Lynden)
g Lavinia Hill (b. abt. 1910; m. Darrel Hoyt; their children include: Lorina Hoyt, m. Clair Stanton; Opal Hoyt, m. Donald Anderson; Wanda Hoyt, m. Orville Lafferty; Lavinia's nickname was "Snippy")
g Arlotta Bernice Hill (b. Sept. 26, 1918, in Waterville Township, Pepin County, Wis.; m. Waldo Kern on Oct. 3, 1936; their childen include: Stanley Kern, m. Jean Harmon, and Dennis kern, m. Judy Bignell; Arlotta d. Nov. 15, 1977, in Plum City Hospital, Plum City, Wis.)
g Dorothy Hill (b./d. 1921; died at six months)
g Arlie E. Hill (b. abt. 1923; m. Walter Severson; their children include: Mary Severson; Stevie Severson; Timmy Severson; Kathy Severson)

Interesting facts
g His wife Leoma had several nicknames, including: Doanie, Dona, Lavinia, Leonia
g 1930 U.S. Census lists his residence as Frankfort Township, Pepin County, Wis., with the following household members: Guy, 48; Leoma, 43; Lavina, 20; Arlotta, 11; Arlie, 7

Nov. 4, 1958, in Pepin County, Wis.; buried in Porcupine Cemetery, Pepin County, Wis.

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