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William Rands Sr.

When lived

How related to Kieran
Great-great-great-great uncle (brother of Martha Bignell)

Robert Rands and Elizabeth Holton (Rands)

July 29, 1829, in Newport-Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, England


g Anna Sparling (daughter of Richard Sparling and Catherine Stark), in 1850 in Huron, Ont.; she was born 1826 in Tipperary, Ireland; immigrated to Canada with brother Christopher in 1842, and died May 2, 1911, in Wessington Springs, S.D.

g George Edward Rands (b. May 27, 1852, in Hullett, Huron, Ont.; on Feb. 25, 1874, m. Janet Anderson, b. to Roderick Anderson and Isabella Hood, d. Oct. 31, 1880; their children include Anna Isabella Rands, b. 1874, m. Lewis Mesmer, and Mary Sophia Rands, b. May 1878 and d. Jan. 17, 1882; then m. Margaret Almira Sparling; d. Feb. 14, 1928, in Olds, Alb.)
g Isabella Rands (b. Oct. 12, 1853, in Hullett, Huron, Ont., m. William McCutcheon)
g William Rands Jr. (b. May 12, 1855, at Hullett, Huron, Ont., m. Isabella Walker on April 2, 1884, d. March 11, 1928, in Huron, Ont)
g Amelia Rands (b. May 7, 1857, at Hullett, Huron, Ont., m. Richard Champs on March 17, 1880, at Morris, Huron, Ont., d. Dec. 17, 1932, at Hemet, Riverside Co., Calif.)
g Edward Rands (b. 1858 at Hullett, Huron, Ont., m. Netta, last name NA, d. in Columbus, Montana)
g John Rands (b. Oct. 1860, at Hullett, Huron, Ont., m. Arabella Armstrong, d. April 6, 1938)

Interesting facts
g Jane Sparling (daughter of John and Amelia Sparling, granddaughter of Richard Sparling and Catherine Stark) stayed with my Anna and her husband, William, in 1861
g Living in Morris, Huron North (district), according to Ontario, Canada, census of 1871. His occupation is given as "farmer" and his religion as "Church of England, Anglican." He is listed as head of the household.
g Picture at top of page shows William and wife Anna.
g May have come to North America via England's Poor Laws; the same name appears in passenger records, but if this is the same man couldn't be confirmed

Sept. 9, 1901, in Tripp, Hutchinson County, S.D.