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John Rands

When lived

How related to Kieran
Great-great-great-great uncle (brother of Martha Bignell)

Robert Rands and Elizabeth Holton (Rands)

May 30, 1835


g Ellen McCourtie (b. 1844) on March 23, 1863; she d. 1864 with her 1-month-old son Charles; Ellen and Charles are buried at Round Hill Cemetery (Pepin Co.), Wis.
g Amelia Place on Sept. 17, 1865, in Pepin, Wis.

With Ellen McCourtie:
g Charles (b./d. 1864 while 1-month-old; bur. at Round Hill Cemetery)
With Amelia Elizabeth Place:
g Polly D. Rands (b. June 26, 1866, in Waterville Township, Pepin County; d. April 6, 1867, in Waterville Township)
g Dora Theresa Rands (b. July 14, 1868, in Waterville Township; d. March 3, 1941, in Plum City, Wis.)
g Charles Asa Rands (b. March 3, 1870, in Waterville Township; d. Feb. 4, 1937, in Durand, Wis.)
g Asa Leroy Rands (b. July 18, 1872, in Waterville Township; d. April 28, 1955, in Chetek, Wis.)
g Oscar Rands (b. April 4, 1874, in Waterville Township; d. Feb. 10, 1875, in Waterville Township; bur. in Round Hill Cemetery, Pepin Co., Wis.)
g George Rands (b. Aug. 10, 1876, in Waterville Township; d. June 19, 1926, in Milwaukee, Wis.; bur. in Round Hill Cemetery)
g Ansel L. Rands (b. Jan 26, 1889, in Waterville Township; d. Sept. 24, 1935, in a car accident in Minnesota; bur. in Round Hill Cemetery, Pepin Co.)
g Eli Rands (b. May 6, 1882, in Waterville Township; d. May 12, 1949, in Waterville Township)
g Effie Lee Rands (b. Jan 27, 1893, in Waterville Township; d. Oct 21, 1957, in St Paul, Minn.)

Interesting facts
g Served in Civil War; his experiences include:
n Nov. 1 - Volunteers and joins Co. G, 16th Regiment Infantry, given rank of private (lists home as Frankfort)
n Nov./Dec - Co. G, 16th Regiment Infantry is sent to Camp Randall, Wis., for training
n Jan. 31 - 16th Inf. joins with G.A.R.
n March 13 - 16th Inf. leaves for St. Louis
n March 14 - 16th Inf. arrives that night in East St. Louis and assigned to General Grant
n March 16 - 16th Inf. embarks on steamers, taking Mississippi River south to Cairo, Ill., up Ohio River to Paducah, Ken., then up Tennessee River to Savannah, Tenn.; along four-day journey, regiment stops at historical spots (including Johnsonville and Ft. Henry)
n March 20 - 16th Inf. disembarks at Pittsburgh Landing, nine miles south of Savannah, camps near river
n April 4 - During an officer's review of troops, Confederate soldiers spotted 50 rods away are chased off
n April 5 - 16th Inf., situated to the extreme front extreme left of Union forces, four miles off main road to Corinth, Miss., are attacked that evening by Confederate forces
n April 6-7 - Apparently injured at Shiloh and hospitalized
n Oct. 15 - Discharged for disability
g Living in Waterville Township, Pepin Co., in 1890

June 3, 1925; buried at Round Hill Cemetery

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