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Robert Rethrop

When lived

How related to Kieran
Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great uncle (brother of Mary Rethrop (2))

Francis Rethrop and Mary (Rethrop)

1664; c. May 16, 1664, in Great Hampden, Buckinghamshire, England


g Elizabeth Swift (b. 1663 in Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire, England; daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Swift; c. Feb 23, 1663, in Princes-Risborough, Buckinghamshire, England) on Oct 30, 1687, in Fleet Marston, Buckinghamshire, England; Robert resided in Princes-Risborough at time of marriage

g Elizabeth Redroff (b. 1688 in Princes Risborough; m. John Dean)
g child b. 1690
g Robert Retherup (b. 1691 in Princes Risborough)
g Francis Redrupp (b. 1693 in Princes Risborough; m. Ann Bigg, b. 1693 in Buckinghamshire, on Oct. 9, 1721, in Monks Risborough, Buckinghamshire; their children include: Elizabeth Redrough, b. 1723 in Monks Risborough, c. Nov 22, 1723 in Monks Risborough, Ann Redrough, b 1725 in Monks Risborough, c. March 20, 1725, in Monks Risborough, Mary Redrough, b 1730 in Monks Risborough, c. Apr. 5, 1730, in Monks Risborough, m. William Smith on Feb. 21, 1754, in Monks Risborough, and their fourth child was John Redrough, b 1731 in Monks Risborough, c. Feb. 12, 1731, in Monks Risborough; m. Elizabeth Holloway, b 1693 probably in Buckinghamshire, on May 14, 1733, in Monks Risborough; their children include: Francis Redrupp, b. 1734 in Monks Risborough, William Redrup, b. 1734 in Monks Risborough, m. Elizabeth Saunders on Oct. 16, 1764, in Monks Risborough, and their third child was Susannah Redrupp, b. 1738 in Monks Risborough, c. May 7, 1738, in Monks Risborough)
g Ann Retherup (b. 1696 in Princes Risborough; c: April 25, 1696, in Princes Risborough; m. Joseph Coxe on Jan. 3, 1715, in Chinnor, Buckinghamshire, England; their children include: Jana Coxe, b. 1717 in Chinnor, c. May 11, 1717, in Chinnor, m. Edmund Keen on Dec. 26, 1743, in Chinnor; Joseph Coxe, b. 1719 in Chinnor, c. Jan. 14, 1719, in Chinnor, m. Elizabetha Smith; William Cox, b. 1722 in Chinnor, c. Dec. 16, 1722, in Chinnor, m. Mary Spindler on Oct. 3, 1743, in Chinnor; Ann d. 1722 in Chinnor; bur. Dec. 26, 1722, in Chinnor)
g Mary Redthup (b. 1700 in Princes Risborough)
g Susanna Redthup (b. 1700 in Princes Risborough)
g Hannah Redrup (b. 1702 in Princes Risborough)

Interesting facts
g Some records list the spelling of his last name as Redrup; the record listing his marriage spells it as "Ketherop". Some records spell his father's last name as Rudroppe.


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