Monday, May 12, 2008

Mary (?) Rethrop

When lived

How related to Kieran
Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother (mother of Mary Rethrop (Briant))


1624 in Great Hampden, Buckinghamshire, England


g Francis Rethrop (b. 1620 in Great Hampden, Buckinghamshire, England) in England

g Richard Redrop (b. 1658, in Great Hampden; c. June 9, 1660, in Great Hampden; m. Anne)
g Elizabeth Rethrop (b. April 22, 1660, in Great Hampden; c. June 9, 1660, in Great Hampden)
g Francis Rethrop (b. 1662; c. June 1, 1662, Great Hampden)
g Robert Redthrup (b. 1664; c. May 16, 1664, in Great Hampden; m. Elizabeth Swift in 1687; d. 1703; some records spell his last name as Redrup)
g Abell Rethrop (b. 1666; c. May 12, 1666, in Great Hampden)
g Mary Rethrop (b. 1668; c. June 15, 1668, in Great Hampden; m. Thomas Briant on June 24, 1697, in Great Hampden; buried Dec. 29, 1712, in Great Hampden)
g Ann Rethrop (b. 1670; c. Feb. 6, 1670, in Great Hampden; buried Aug. 3, 1771, in Great Hampden)

Interesting facts
g Some records spell her married name as Rudroppe

April 14, 1674, in Great Hampden

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