Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Welcome to Kieran's Family Tree

This blog records the family tree of Kieran Edward Bignell, as it is being researched. Kieran is my son, born in February 2007, and this research in part is a legacy for him. But other families, as they reconstruct their family heritage, also may find information here useful. The blog will be frequently updated, including new information becomes available about previously entered family members.
So far, this blog includes infromation about the following surnames:
g Baker
g Bignell (also Bignal, Bignol)
g Booke (also Bokee, Boucquet)
g Brevoort
g Bryant
g Burns
g Colyer
g Davenport
g Dutcher (also De Duyscher, De Duyster, De Duijster, Van Hardeen)
g Hill
g Hopkins
g Killinghall
g Litchfield
g Mumford
g Place (also Plaise)
g Rands (also Rand)
g Rethrop (also Redrup, Rudroppe)
g Rosencrans (also Rosenkrans, Rosenkrantz)
g Scott
g Steere
g Vigne (also de la Vignes)
g Volkersen/De Noorman
g Walker
g Witney

In addition, it covers these "dead-end" maternal lines - meaning women with the following surnames married men with the above surnames, but no further information about any of the women's family line behind the marriage is available:
g Agache
g Andrjesse
g Bayes
g Collinson
g Cook
g Cornelisse
g Cuvelier
g Dirckzen
g Flemming
g Greenwood
g Griggs
g Holmes
g Holton
g Jacobs
g Jans
g Lovering
g Lyllewhite
g Martens
g Medcalfe
g Shaeffer
g Sherman
g Wickendon
g Wood

One note: Breaking with the standard, I've placed wives' married names in parentheses. So "Martha Rands" is listed as "Martha Rands (Bignell)" because she married a Bignell. Tradition is to place the maiden name in parentheses or "Martha (Rands) Bignell". My apologies if my practice drives you nuts, but I find tracking family lines easier when the wife's married name is in parentheses.

If you're related and have information, pictures or documents regarding any of the people listed, send me an email. I'd love to hear from you, to make this a more complete family history and to help you fill in your family tree.

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