Monday, August 11, 2008

Rachel Davenport (1)

When lived
1684- NLT 1785

How related to Kieran
Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great aunt (sister of Elizabeth Davenport De Duyster)

Humphrey Davenport and Joanna Rosencrans (Davenport)

Nov. 8, 1684, in Kingston, Ulster County, N.Y; bap. Sept. 22, 1705, at New York Dutch Reformed Church in Kingston


Nicholas Hiler ....(d. 1783) on June 14, 1733, in Montville, Morris County, N.J.

>>Jacob Hiler (b. abt. 1734; d. 1778)
>>John Hiler (b. 1740 in Montville; d. 1819)
>>Ann Hiler (b. Jan 1742/43)
>>Philip Hiler (b. 1735; d. June 23, 1822)
>>Peter Hiler (b. 1730)
>>Marytie Hiler (d. 1818)

Interesting facts
In 1785, Rachel's name was dropped from the Ratables list  and her previous holding of 230 acres was charged against her two sons, Philip and John, each being assessed on 115 acres of improved land, each tract valued at an amount indicative of a dwelling on the premises.

NLT 1785

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