Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jan Williammszon De Duyster

When lived

How related to Kieran
Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather (father of David De Duyster)

Wilhelm Hansen De Duijster and Leentje Martens

1640 in Kingston, Ulster, New York


Margariet Grietje Cornelisse (b. 1642 in Kingston, Ulster, N.Y.; d. 1681 in Nys ) in 1668 in Marbleton, Ulster, N.Y.

g Willem De Duyster (b. Jan. 22, 1660/61 in Kingston; baptised Jan. 22, 1661/62 in Kingston)
g Roelof De Duyster (b. 1669 in Marbletown, Ulster County, N.Y.; m. Jannetje Bresie
Nov 19, 1700; d. Jan. 19, 1736/37)
g Gabriel Duyster (b. 1669)
g Cornelia Jansen De Duyster (b. 1670; m. Jan Wels in January1688/89)
g Catherina De Duyster (b. 1671 in Vlecke Bos, Ulster County, N.Y.)
g Richard Duyster (b. 1673)
g Cornelis De Duyster (b. 1674, m. Leonora de Hooges bef. 1692)
g Dirck De Duyster (b. 1675 in Hurley, Ulster County, N.Y.; m. Jannetje Bont Nov 18, 1699; d. 1733)
g Bernerd Dutcher (b. 1675; d. 1751)
g Barent De Duyster (b. 1675 in Esopus, N.Y.; d. 1751)
g David De Duyster (b. 1679 in Kingston; m. Elizabeth Davenport, b. Feb. 3, 1689, in Kingston, on Feb. 19, 1714 at age 35, in Kingston; their children include: David Dutcher b. March 27, 1715, in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, N.Y. d. 1773, Mary Dutcher b. 1715 d. 1742, Annatje Dutcher b. 1718, Johannes Dutcher b. 1722, Willem De Duyscher b. 1725 d. 1771, Margrietje Margaret De Duyster b. 1728 d. 1782, Barend De Duyster b. 1733, Maria De Duyster b. 1735, Margrietje Dutcher b. 1735 d. 1782)
g Tys (Mathew) De Duyster (b. April 24, 1681)

Interesting facts
g The "de Duyster" appendage apparently was added because supposedly there were several Englishmen named Williamson in the colony and so "de Duyster" (the Dutchman) was added to the surname of our Jan to distinguish him from the others.
g Alternate spelling of his last name is "Willenszen", which translates to "William's son"
g A book that examines the history of early settlers of the area where Jan resided is: Walter Kenneth Griffith, The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vol. XL No. 3, July, 1909, New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, 226 West 58th Street, NY, pages 185 - 190.

Sept. 1, 1689, in Kingston, Ulster, N.Y.

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