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Humphrey Davenport (2)

When lived

How related to Kieran
Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather (father of Elizabeth Davenport De Duyster)

Humphrey Davenport (Sr.) and Anne Collinson (Davenport)

Dec. 9, 1656, in Barbados, West Indies (Some records list his birthplace as Devonshire, England; one record gives his date of birth as Sept. 12, 1656.)


JoAnna Rosencrans [b. Oct. 4, 1667, in Kingston, Ulster, N.Y., daughter of Herman Hendrick Rosenkrans and Magdelena Dircksen Volkersen (Rosenkrans); baptised/christened Oct 4, 1667, in Kingston; nickname Anna; d. Nov. 5, 1740, in Esopus, Ulster, N.Y.] on April 18, 1684, in Kingston, Ulster, N.Y.

g Rachel Davenport (b. Nov. 8, 1684, in Kingston, Ulster, N.Y.; baptized Sept. 22, 1705, in Kingson, to the New York Dutch Reformed Church; m. Nicholas Hiler on June 14, 1733, in Montville, Morris County, N.J., their children include: Peter Hiler b. 1730, Jacob Hiler b. abt 1734 d. 1778, Philip Hiler b. 1735 d. June 23, 1822, John Hiler b. 1740 d. 1819, Ann Hiler b. Jan 1742/43, Marytie Hiler d. 1818; Rachel d. 1705)
g Nathaniel Davenport (b. 1686; baptised Dec. 19, 1686; m. Elizabeth Van Vleit on Jan. 6, 1711/12; d. 1727)
g Elizabeth Davenport (b. 1689; m. David De Duyster on Feb. 19, 1714, at age 35, in Kingston, Ulster, N.Y.; their children include: Mary Dutcher, b. 1715 in Fishkill, Dutchess, N.Y., d. June 10, 1742; Annatje Dutcher, b. 1718 in New York City, N.Y.; Johannes Dutcher, b. Nov. 21, 1722, in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, N.Y.; Margrietje Margaret De Dyster, b. 1728 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, N.Y., d. 1782 in Schenectady, N.Y.; Barend De Duyster, b. May 16, 1733, in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, N.Y., d. in Lower Rhinebeck, N.Y.; Marie De Duyster, b. 1735 in Fishkill, Dutchess, N.Y.; Margrietje Dutcher, b. 1735 in Ulster, N.Y., d. 1782 in Schenectady, N.Y.; Elizabeth d. 1727)
g William Davenport (b. June 3, 1694, in Kingston, Ulster County, N.Y.; d. 1727)
g Humphrey Davenport (3) (b. 1697; m. Elisabeth Heyle, aka Hiler, of Morris/Bergen County, N.J., on July 3, 1731, in Acquackanonk/Passaic, Passaic County, N.J., in Dutch Reformed Church; their children include: Jacob Davenport b. abt 1732, Nathaniel Davenport b. 1737, Peter Davenport b. Jun 14, 1738, Cornelius Davenport b. abt 1739, d. Nov. 29, 1815, Annatje Davenport b. April 15, 1744, Catherine Davenport b. Dec 8, 1754, and John Davenport;d. 1768 - alternate source says 1770)
g Sarah Davenport (b. Feb. 4, 1698/99/1700; m. Jacob Cool, aka Kool, on Oct. 31, 1728, in Acquackanonk (Passaic), Passaic County, N.J.)
g Johannis (Jan or John) Davenport (b. abt. Sept. 13, 1702, in Kingston; m. Maria Cool, aka Cole/Kool, on Oct. 22, 1727, in Kingston; d. 1768)
g Maria Davenport (b. June 20, 1708, in Kingston)
g Helena Davenport (b. 1711)

Interesting facts
g Name also appears in records as "Omphrey" and "Devenport"
g Humphrey, his wife, and three sons, settled at New Foundland, Morris County, N.J., about 1720.
g From "History of Morris County" (p. 278): "The neighborhood nex north of this, known as Lower Montville...Among the first of those settling in this neighborhood was Humphrey Davenport, who came from Kingston on the Hudson River and bought through Thomas Stevenson from the proprietors of West Jersey a tract of 750 acres of land...Humphrey Davenport built on this tract, nearly opposite the present residence of Dr. Richard S. Farrand.
g From "History of Morris County" (p. 26-27): As time passed, the Dutch and other settlers spread westward into Towaco, Montville, and beyond. ** Humphrey Davenport **, one of the proprietors
and owner of much land throughout the county, was probably the first settler at Uylekill, as Montville was called.
g One document lists Humphrey writing (supposedly in fall 1728), "My Sarah Davenport, b. 1700, m. Jacob Cool; Sarah, daughter also of your and my Humphrey Davenport and Anna Rosencrans. Then, I'm off into the Cools, Bovies, Barhydts and Sutphins." (Area mentioned is in New York state, Schenectady area.)

July 14, 1735

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