Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Thomas Bryant

When lived

How related to Kieran
Great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather (father of Richard Bryant)


Abt. 1668 in Great Hampden, Buckinghamshire, England


g Mary Rethrop (b. June 15, 1668, in Great Hampden; bur. Dec. 29, 1712, in Great Hampden) on June 24, 1697, in Great Hampden
g Elianor Grimsdale (b. 1672 in Great Hampden) on Dec. 21, 1713

Children with Mary:
g Anne Brian (b. 1698; c. Sept, 15, 1698 in Great Hampden; some records spell her name as Ann)
g Mary Brian (b. 1700; c. Oct. 8, 1700, in Great Hampden)
g Thomas Brian (b/c. Feb. 6, 1702/3, in Great Hampden; probably bur. Sept. 6, 1770, in Great Hampden)
g Elizabeth Brian (b. 1704; c. July 2, 1704, in Great Hampden)
g Francis Briant (b. 1706; c. April 15, 1706, in Great Hampden)
g Elizabeth Briant (b. 1709; c. Oct. 22, 1709, in Great Hampden; bur. Oct. 28, 1709 in Great Hampden)
g Richard Bryant (c. Dec. 29, 1712, in Great Hampden; m. Judith Witney on Oct. 4, 1742, in Moulsoe, Buckinghamshire; their children include: John Brien m. Elizabeth, Hannah Brien m. Thomas Bignall on Feb. 19, 1770, William Brien, Richard Brien, Sarah Bryon, Elizabeth Bryant m. John Greenwood on June 22, 1780, in Moulsoe; Richard d. May 29, 1762)

Interesting facts
g A probate document from July 11, 1737, lists Thomas
g An LDS Sealing To Spouse ceremony for Thomas and Mary occurred Oct. 27, 1972

July 11, 1737, in Great Hampden; bur. Nov. 7, 1741, in Great Hampden