Monday, November 19, 2007

Joseph Place

When lived

How related to Kieran
Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great uncle (brother of Dinah Place)

Peter Place and Sarah Steere (Place)

May 18, 1691, in Providence, Providence, Rhode Island


g Ann Keech
g Triphena (b. about 1693 in Gloucester, Providence, R.I.; d. Sept. 13, 1736, in Gloucester) on Jan. 12,1722, in Gloucester

With Ann Keech:
g Daniel Place (d. Jan. 11, 1829, in Thompson, Windham, Connecticut)
g Joseph Place
g Reuben Place (d. March 13 in  Gloucester)
With Triphena:
g Peter Place (b. 1722 in Gloucester; m. Deborah Pray)
g Philip Place (b. 1728 in Gloucester; in 1790 living in Lower Smithfield, Northampton, Pa.; d. Mar 26, 1812, in Middle Smithfield, Monroe, Pa.)
g Shadrach Place (b. 1730 in Gloucester; m. Margaret Lovell, daughter of Alexander Lovell (b. 1698, d. 1768) and Mary Waterman (b. 1705, d. 1768) on April 27, 1755, in Scituate, Providence, R.I.)
g Amity Place (b. 1731 in Gloucester)
g Sarah Place (b. 1733 in Gloucester)
g Jesse Place (b. 1734 in Gloucester; d. 1756 at age 22 in French Indian War)
g Mary Place (b. in Gloucester)

Interesting facts

Aug. 4, 1736, in Gloucester

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